Saturday, November 03, 2007

November Again

I cannot believe that it is November again! This year has flown by- the last couple of months especially. There are only two weeks left in co-op, which is amazing. Here I am at a weekend again, the first one in a very long time where I can just... stop. This fall has been so crazy, and last weekend about did me in.

On Friday night, our church had a prayer meeting. I could not believe that someone planned one more thing for my calendar, but... they did. This prayer time was really neat, with a prayer lab with sand, water, candles, and music; a time of group worship, some group prayer times, and some family prayer time. It was really like a mini-retreat... all that was missing were the muffins and mini-quiches! We were really glad we went.

On Saturday, our family hosted Oktoberfest, which began several years back as a way for John to have a valid excuse to stink up our house with sauerkraut and sausages drenched in beer. Over time, he found a partner in crime and now Oktoberfest has slowly expanded to include our CARE group, as well as a few other families who claim some form of German heritage and are also looking for an excuse to eat sauerkraut and sausage drenched in beer... or German potato salad... or German chocolate... or Black Forest Cake... or Riesling... you get the idea. There were a few present with rather questionable German ties as well, but we're an inclusive group and are glad to share our cultural peculiarities with unsuspecting, Wii-carrying friends.

We had enough food left over to invite the group to Oktoberfest Part II at our house after church on Sunday, and that evening, the church held the annual Trunk or Treat and Bonfire. And the weekend was gone- just like that!

But this weekend, I get a break. I have nothing, nothing, nothing on the agenda. Hunter-man and Hunter-boy are gone for the weekend, camping and hunting in the youth deer hunt. (I fervently hope that JM will get his deer quickly so we can be done with all that!) Becca is gone to a weekend youth rally, and the three little boys and I are having a quiet weekend at home. I will get some laundry done (maybe) and I have to complete the Haggadah and play scripts for our co-op Seder in two weeks... but the main order of the weekend is simply to rest. And on that note... I'm going back to bed!


PerryC said...

Goodmorning Sandy,

I just wanted to let you know that we chose you as the winner of the Fall Y'all bloggy gveaway we hosted at!



Andrea from Germany said...

Yeah, congratulations!

janjanmom said...

Rest??? No comprendo.