Friday, August 24, 2007

Good News- Bad News: August 07 Edition

Good News: John is home again
Bad News: Football season is beginning

Bad News: Dishwasher has broken glass stuck somewhere in the motor
Good News: John is home again

Good News: Laundry is half done
Bad News: Laundry is half undone

Bad News: Everything in our yard is either dead or dead-looking, thanks to drought
Good News: Do not need to mow or weed

Good News: I have great pictures of the pool party and cookout we held for John's outgoing class of middle schoolers
Bad News: Still have not reinstalled all my software since The Black Screen of Death appeared and cannot download (upload? whatever...) them

Bad News: I have a huge basket full of clothes waiting to be ironed
Good News: I haven't seen some of them in so long that it's like going shopping in my own basement!

Good news: I have lots and lots of wonderful new books waiting to be read
Bad News: School has begun again and I have no time to read them

Good News: I can plow my way through Clair de Lune
Bad News: It doesn't quite sound like this. Well, maybe, if we pretend pages 3-4 don't exist...

Good News: I can listen to the videos on You Tube again
Bad News: It only took me about 6 months of wondering why I couldn't hear anything to figure out that You Tube has a volume button on each video!

Bad News: 32 weeks of school left
Good News: The first four weeks have gone pretty well, all things considered

Bad News: Having a hard time keeping up with my blogging
Good News: Other bloggers are doing just fine, thank you, making for some great reading. Antique Mommy's family story, The Box, is a must-read, and these vintage advertisements from Chilihead's blog are good for a few laughs, because We've Come A Long Way, Baby!

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Sallie said...

I'm from KY originally and my parents still live there. They told me it is so hot their fish are dying in the pond. That's really sad because my kids like to catch those fish :-)

Hope it cools down a bit for ya'll... loved the laundry is half done, laundry is half undone part.. it's the story of my life!

God bless,