Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Day at the Water Park

10pm and we are finally back home today and my exhausted kids are all in their beds. The cats, who have had no one to play with today, are running all over the house. Bad cats!

My day started early, first by dropping John Mark off at carpentry camp, then Becca at church, then the little boys at VBS. It struck me that somehow I had managed to send all my kids away for three hours... but I had a piano lesson at home. Oh well. After VBS, we all went to the water park (Uncle Matt picked up John Mark later) and had a great time. My mom and I floated in the wave pool and the Lazy River, and we even got her down one of the big water slides! AND...

I finally did it! I got so sick of the offerings available in the women's swimwear department that I went and bought myself a pair of knee-length black swim trunks. Yes, in the men's department. Every time we've been swimming this summer, I've grown more and more perturbed that we women are expected to parade around in a swimsuit with nothing more to help us out than a pitiful little skirt and some heavy-duty spandex, while my teenage son, who is thin as a rail, wears baggy shorts down to his knees. What is wrong with this picture??

So last night over pizza, I told Becca I had bought swim trunks to wear to the water park. She had a look of horror on her face when she asked, "You ARE wearing something else too... right?" My mother rolled her eyes at me and explained "She's on a crusade!" And the thought of me on a crusade wearing nothing but a pair of men's knee-length swim trunks seemed so funny that we laughed until we cried and I almost choked on Mississippi Mud Pizza.

So today I did it, and I wore my nice knee-length swim trunks (and a matching swimsuit, lest you think I have really lost my mind) and I walked happily all over the park without worrying about scaring the other patrons. Should have done it a long time ago. I might let John borrow my new trunks... maybe.


~ Stephanie. said...

May I just say . . . BRILLIANT! What a great idea. If I'd thought of it first, I might actually have gone swimming in the last decade!
Men's department here I come!

Maude said...

You go, girl! I just bought a new suit today. I have a cute suit with a skirt, but it's worthless if I'm actually going to swim. I tried wearing it down the water slide and had to keep a death grip on the top & bottoms to makes sure I didn't lose anything. My mission today was to find one that wasn't going to fall off if I moved in the water. I sure wish I had read this before I went shopping! :)

summer said...

i love it. i, personally am tired of seeing "fake" women hanging out of a lack of bathing suit, praying my children (anna) doesn't ask her why her b**bs are so big!!! anna has a way of saying exactly what i'm thinking that i have enough wisdom, tact, and sense to refrain from saying.hehe.. good for you!!

Michele said...

Hello! I don't know you (just surfed in randomly) but this idea is EXCELLENT. I am absolutely doing this next summer! Thanks!