Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bits n' Pieces

John Mark and Becca have been volunteering two hours a week this summer at the pregnancy crisis center, helping at the front desk, cleaning, and working in the thrift store. This morning, Becca is attending a weekly purity study group and working in the afternoon, so I went ahead and dropped John Mark off too. I told him that if he worked in the morning, he could walk to the library afterward and stay there until it was time to pick up Becca. It's only about 6 blocks, but you would have thought this was the adventure of a lifetime. He exulted to his 13-year-old cousin, "I get to spend all afternoon at the library!" Perplexed, the cousin replied, "This is a good thing??" To a book-loving boy, it is a grand thing.

John has been waging an ongoing battle against the squirrel and rabbit colonies that continue to raid his garden, with some success. But early this morning we were awakened by a grating "CAW-CAW-CAW!" There were crows in the garden. Dejectedly watching them, John sighed, "I just cannot take on the entire crow population."

Sometimes in life it's a good thing to understand your limitations.

My mom and I finished papering the hall bath yesterday, and plan on finishing the master bath today. I am very pleased with the results! Tonight we are all going to see Ratatouille at the drive-in. If I could just get the laundry done, I would consider this a highly productive summer.

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~ Stephanie. said...

Yea for volunteer work! Devoting time and energy to do something completely unselfish - builds character like nothing else!