Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One Day

I have a long list of things that I'll do "one day":

One day I'll learn fluent sign language

One day I'll learn Spanish

One day I'll learn to knit

One day I'll be skinny again

One day I'll go to Hawaii

One day I'll write music

One day I'll learn to ice skate

One day I'll take piano again

One day I'll paint all the gourds in my craft closet

All these are things that get pushed to the background while I teach my kids, herd my kids, keep house, and do all the other things required of a homeschooling mom-of-five. But after school ended this spring, on a whim, I sat down to learn a piano piece that I've piddled with for several years (one day I'll learn to play this piece....) I worked on it for several hours that week. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing and the challenge of working on new music.

At the kids' last piano lesson of the school year, I was talking to Kim, their piano teacher, and I said, "Know what? I've been thinking about taking some lessons again... wanna hear what I've been working on?" "Sure!" she said. "What did I just do?" I immediately thought. This was a bad idea; I could tell because my heart was pounding, my hands were sweaty and shaking and I blew the first huge chord, causing John Mark, who was hiding in the easy chair behind me, to bust out laughing. But in spite of my nerves, I made it through without another major trainwreck. And Kim said, "I'd love to work with you this summer!" We discussed some goals and music I might play and she told me to think about it and get back to her.

We were leaving for Texas soon, so I didn't have to make a quick decision, but it took me the entire two weeks to decide. Do I really want another commitment? During my summer break? Am I crazy?? And finally I decided: this was a chance, an opportunity to do one of my "One Day" things. Carpe Diem! So this Thursday, I have my first piano lesson since college, almost 20 years ago. Kim sent over some music for me to look though, and I am excited. After I finish Solid Colors, Chopin and Debussy are next on the list. One Day is here!


thruchildeyes said...

I am proud of you! Congratulations on your decision. You're sure to be glad you did it. And what a wonderful trip to Texas! Sounds like the start to a great summer.

~ Stephanie. said...

Ditto and way to go! I really miss playing too, but it is one of those things that has been "pushed to the back burner" so long I don't know if I'll ever pick it back up. Oh, and Debussy's "Claire do Lune" is one of my favorites!

~ Stephanie. said...

I hope "blog again" gets added to this list! I miss your postings!