Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a wonderful, busy weekend. The weather made up for all the difficulties it caused for the past couple of weeks by being perfect all weekend.

On Friday, I took the kids on a field trip with the homeschool group; we toured three of the numerous art galleries downtown and the kids got to help in a demonstration of "black light chalk" led by one of the artists. I had never been to any of the galleries, which is a real shame since there are 70 of them and they are one of the neatest things about our downtown area. We visited an artist who creates a lot of mixed media, an artist who creates primarily religious paintings, and the most interesting, one of the quilt galleries. The owner has won Best of Show three times in the Quilt Show, and it was fascinating to see these quilts up close. This is one of her winning quilts, and the picture doesn't begin to show how incredible it is up close. Philip was especially impressed with the $35,000 price tag! John and I will have to take a Saturday and explore some more of these galleries.

That afternoon, John and John Mark left for a Scout campout, and the rest of us went to the church building to help set up for the church yard sale to raise money to send our youth to Camp Barnabus to work this summer. John Mark is old enough to go this year, and they will be working with autistic children. On Saturday, we all got up early to go back to the church and help run the sale. We raised over $1000, and we were all exhausted when it was over. Becca worked especially hard maintaining the clothes tables. One of our friends commented that she has a future at Gap :-). She did do a good job, but she was also "shopping" while she worked. I don't guess I can fault her since I was too!

On Sunday, we had the church picnic. This is definitely one of the highlights of the year for our church family! We all love it. This time, after we had all stuffed ourselves with chicken, potato salad and chocolate cake, we had a "servant auction" where the youth auctioned off services such as babysitting and yard work to help raise money to go to camp. Everyone was so generous that in this one weekend we were able to raise enough to send the workers to Camp Barnabus and also sponsor the camp fees for two disabled children to attend camp. After the auction, several people went to play softball at the ball field while we non-ball players sat around and talked. My kids love these ball games because the adults make sure everyone has a great time- even the little guys like Nathanael. We got home and packed John for Texas, and he took off this morning, which brings us to today...

I. am. so. sick. Stomach bug- ugh! The kids have been left to their own devices today while I spent the day alternately sleeping and running to the restroom. This unintended "holiday" meant non-stop Disney channel for the younger ones and non-stop Star Wars computer game for John Mark. We were supposed to finish Becca's jacket for the 4-H Fashion Revue tomorrow night, but I just couldn't help her today. At least the skirt got finished, and that was the most important part. The kids have Variety Show rehearsal tomorrow morning and I have to come up with a "nerd" costume for Philip, a "Ryan Lakecrest" costume for John Mark, and create a posterboard prop for their play which is also tomorrow night. Looking on the bright side, if I had to be sick, today was the day to do it. I am feeling better tonight, so I hope that tomorrow all will be well again.

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janjanmom said...

Thank you very much for squeezing your illness into the only day you are not needed. It is very southern and proper of you. LOL. I am very glad you are feeling better. Tuesday looks busy and Wednesday is hectic as well.

I enjoyed working and shopping the sale as well. Our daughters were very happy working/shopping together.