Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String...

I love receiving packages in the mail- especially when they contain new homeschool curricula! Today I received the box I have anxiously been awaiting- Tapestry of Grace Redesign, Year 1 (Ancient World). I will have to pull myself away from it to help Becca and John Mark get their outfits finished for the 4-H Fashion Revue and to make the study guide for the History final in co-op (only two classes left- WHOO HOO!) This box was a double thrill because I got such a fabulous deal on it. Tapestry Redesign is going for close to full price ($180 before shipping and any "extras") on ebay and is very difficult to find on the resale boards, but this sweet lady in Florida offered her almost new set to me for $100 including shipping and a number of the "extras"! It was almost too good to be true, but I figured it was worth taking a chance. I have had numerous transactions on the used curriculum boards on the internet, such as Vegsource and The Well-Trained Mind and have never been burned, but it is always a little scary to send perfect strangers a large check without at least the bit of protection that ebay offers. I find joy in the fact that my fellow homeschoolers are honest and are generally wonderful to work with.

I am excited that the school year is almost over, along with all the other activities that keep us running during the school year... Awana ended two weeks ago, choir only has four more weeks, co-op will be over in two weeks, and 4-H will be over in May. We are still in the midst of 4-H activities, choir rehearsals, spring birthday season, and Boy Scouts, but summer break is clearly in sight. Brown paper packages and summer vacation- these are two of my favorite things!


MommaKnows said...

WOW! How exciting!! I know when the UPS guy came two weeks ago with my Year 1 Redesigned, it was all I could do to keep working on what we'd been doing prior to his coming! (And I bought it new with NO extras!) I have to save up to get the extras a little later this spring. :(

So far I'm loving what I've read in unit 1, and am looking forward to getting into it this fall with my kids. It'll take me the whole summer to read through it and get books lined up, though! :D

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