Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Spring Weekend

Spring is finally here, and just in the nick of time! My kids' jeans are all two inches too short and have holes in the knees, our school workbooks are all worn and dogeared, and the endless days of cold, gray weather were making us all tired and irritable. Time for a new season!

The weather this weekend was perfect spring weather: sunny and not too hot, not too cold. On Friday, I told the kids if they got their housework done early, I'd pull all the summer clothes out for them. I've trained them well, and they get very excited over hand-me-downs and last year's yard sale finds.

On Friday evening, Grandma and Grandpa came in for a visit. We built a campfire in the backyard to roast hotdogs and S'mores for dinner. The night was just cool enough to enjoy a fire, and it was pleasant to listen to the night sounds and smell the wild onions on the breeze (you can tell that I've never had a manicured yard when I've learned to enjoy the smell of wild onions!)

On Saturday, John made brunch, Becca and Philip opened late birthday presents, and then Grandma and Becca went shopping while John and his dad began working on a few of the numerous projects that have piled up while John has been in Texas. The little boys organized their toy shed for the summer and then spent the rest of the day running around the yard and playing with the new soccer ball and goal from Uncle Mike and Aunt Laurie. *I* went to my first yard sale of the season and found eight books for the kids. A satisfying yard sale experience for me involves clothes for me or books for the kids, so this was a great way to start the season!

After church today, John began tilling the garden while I went to Praise Team rehearsal. Tonight, Praise & Worship and a potluck. (I like potlucks!) Our first spring weekend has been a really good one.

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Karen said...

I love the smell of wild onions too! I guess that was one of the signs of spring... haven't smelled them in a long time.

Praise team rehearsal sounds fun. I miss it. Maybe I will be able to do that again when we settle into a new church.