Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a big deal in our family... not only because I know my honey loves me (he sent me these flowers while I was at co-op yesterday!), but also because we were blessed with a little girl, a Valentine's baby. Yesterday, she turned twelve.

I love you, Becca-girl!


Julie Anne said...

Happy Birthday to Rebecca!
I made my blog private but I'd like to invite you to read it whenever you'd like. I get lots of homeschooling/ mommying encouragement from yours. Wish we'd known eachother better when I was at Reidland. If you want shoot me your email at and I'll add ya to my list.

janjanmom said...

The pictures don't do them justice, Becca and the flowers are prettier live. ( :

thruchildeyes said...

Oh how sweet!