Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Monday...

Monday, Monday... John is gone again, another week in Texas, with bronchitis to boot! Poor guy. This time there was mild protest from the kids throughout the day: "Why is dad leaving again? He just got back!" and "Why does he have to work there when he has a job here?" It's been a few years since he's had to travel this much, and they don't remember- and this is just the beginning. Sigh.

February- and the Frenzy that goes with it- is just within reach. February and April are my two most dreaded months of the year because they are just so BUSY! So far my calendar includes:

  • Two February birthdays (Becca and Philip)

  • An overnight choir trip

  • 4-H Communications Day Competition (for the three oldest kids -lots of prep work involved for these projects)

  • Winterfest in Gatlinburg (church youth group- glad I don't have to go on this one- yet!)

  • Engineering Day at the local college (more projects here)

  • Ladies Bible Study begins a new semester

  • Plus all the regularly scheduled events we do (co-op, AWANAs, 4-H, piano, choir, CARE group...); the stuff that hasn't even made it to the calendar yet (like the Game Night at church this Saturday and Valentines Day); and if it snows this year, it will certainly happen right in the middle of it all.

  • By themselves, each of these events is great, but combined, they make me want to run and hide! I know- I'm a whiney baby. But it's my blog and I can whine if I want to.

    On the upside, 24 is tonight. See Nancy's plot predictions here. And with John in Texas, I can watch chick flicks every night if I please! Last week it was Pride and Prejudice. This week... maybe Sweet Home Alabama, Steel Magnolias, or While You Were Sleeping. Any other recommendations?


    Karen said...

    My kids complain about my husband working out of town, too. We're lucky that he doesn't work as much as he used to; now he is down to 1 weekend a month.

    Chick flick recommendations?? Hmm, Return to Me, Fools Rush In, Just Like Heaven...

    No 24 here tonight; I'll be watching Heroes!

    Nancy French said...

    Wow... I'll resist suggesting "Talledega Nights..." It was hilarious though.

    summer said...

    i love watching the anne of green gables/avonlea movies, but bret doesn't love them so much. when i know i am going to have some free time to watch it, i borrow them from my mom. they are wonderful!!! especially when you have several nights in a row to watch all of them! have fun and goodluck with february!!