Saturday, December 02, 2006

Singing in the Season

When some people think of Christmas, they think of Santa, Christmas trees, presents, a nativity scene... when band, orchestra and choir parents think of Christmas, they think of their tuxedoed offspring on stage with a choir, a clarinet, a tuba, or- if they're particularly unlucky (or particularly patient)- a snare drum. It's that time of year: the commencement of "Concert Season".

Veteran parents patiently endure the same arrangements of the same holiday songs for years on end as each of their children reaches the proper age to hold a flute or a cello, or sing on key with a gaggle of their classmates. They enthusiastically applaud every performance of "Sleigh Ride", "Carol of the Bells", "Russian Christmas Music", and "Hallelujah Chorus" as if they were hearing it for the very first time. I sit in the audience now instead of on the stage, and I realize that Christmas just would not be the same for me without sharing in the magic and mayhem of childrens' holiday performances. I love this time of year.

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