Monday, December 11, 2006

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time...

Fun days! We've had a very busy Christmas sort of week, with a homeschool field trip to the KY Opry Christmas show, a space mission at the Challenger Learning Center, all kinds of rehearsals for choir and piano and best of all- a visit from GranMartha and Uncle Matt! They wanted to see Becca, Philip and
John Mark perform at the Symphony Children's Concert on Saturday.

John Mark is not in the children's chorus this year, but he agreed to be the boy in the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas story. He was perfectly agreeable about the whole thing until he found that he would be wearing a victorian-style night shirt and long johns up on stage, in front of all his friends. Not a cool thing for a 13-year-old boy. Somehow he managed to endure the humiliation and the concert was a success.

After the concert, we went out to eat and Uncle Matt treated us all to Happy Feet, which the kids had been dying to see. John laughed so hard I was worried he was going to spew his Dr. Pepper all over me. The kids loved it, but John and I left wondering if it had been financed by Green Peace or the Sierra Club... a perfectly cute little movie was hijacked by an "evil humans are destroying the environment" message.

GranMartha and the kids made ornaments the rest of the evening; then church on Sunday (ask John about the red corvette); and youth Care group at our house Sunday night. GranMartha and Uncle Matt managed to escape before Youth Care Group. Somehow during the weekend we also managed to fit in a visit to Patti's, do a little shopping, get presents wrapped and get the house clean!

And today? Absolutely, blessedly nothing except watching the pretty lights and enjoying my clean house for a few brief moments before the kids decimate it again.


summer said...

oh, those amazingly productive christmastime days---and still finding time to sit and ejoy the christmas lights!! i wish i could have seen your children in their performance. it sounds wonderful!! love you all so much. hope you really are having a "wondeful christmastime."

janjanmom said...

It is amazing what we accomplish at Christmas time. I need that adrenaline year round!!

How quickly the clean passes away.

Now go make your cookies!!
Sorry Nancy and I were not put on the list, we said we were in at the meeting we had about it, next time I will email anyway!