Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Origin of Boo Boo

I am fortunate that my mother reads my blog and can solve family mysteries for me, in this case the story behind Aunt Boo Boo's unusual name (I wrote about Aunt Boo Boo in my Thanksgiving post). Here's the scoop:

"Boo Boo was Gran's aunt and my great aunt. The way Boo Boo got her name is because I couldn't say Mary Ruth. When Tommy [my uncle] was born, I had to go stay with Boo Boo and Uncle Russell. I still remember I was not happy at all about the whole situation. I don't think that is why I called her Boo Boo; that is just how Mary Ruth came out of my 23 month old mouth. Obviously the name stuck, but she never seemed to mind, even when all the younger cousins started calling her Boo Boo too."

Mystery solved. Thanks, Mom!

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