Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh Deer

Oh Deer
If only you knew
How sorry I am
That now you're my stew.

John has been working on the deer all week, to the great interest of all the kids. They field-dressed it last Sunday and each day this week, John has done a little more to process it: butcher, wash, soak, and marinade. He went to Walmart and purchased everything one might possibly need to make a piece of meat which is not beef taste like beef. Today, I went off to a scrapbook crop and he cooked: Baked Venison with potatoes, Venison Potroast in the crockpot, and Venison steak on the grill. To his credit, John has worked diligently to disguise the fact that this is deer and he promises me that the deer steaks, which I haven't had a chance to try, are even better than the beef. I am skeptical, since almost none of my friends who have grown up in hunting families will cook or eat deer meat. They have husbands who are avid hunters, but they give all that meat away. I figure there must be a reason for this. But, tomorrow, we will have a Deer Feast and I will do my best to like this deer. After all, it's not every day that I find my husband in the kitchen.


Karen said...

It has been years since I've had venison... I remember my mom making venison steaks in the skillet; they were so lean they needed a little oil in the skillet. She seasoned and floured them before cooking them. We also used to make venison chili, which was probably my favorite.

janjanmom said...

Good luck kissing the cook.

Let me know if any of the recipes "pan" out. I've got some in the freezer we avoid that someone Erik works with gave us earlier in the year.

I can't like it! But oh how I have tried to make it good.

Lisa said...

One trick is to cook a venison roast next to a regular (beef) roast in the same cooking bag, crock pot or roasting pan. The juices (a.k.a. grease) from the roast helps flavor and moisten the lean venison. Mu mom would do the same with chili. She cooked used 1/2 ground meat and 1/2 deer.