Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I love Election Day. It's fascinating to me to see our constitution in action as voters line up at polling booths, activists jam the phone lines, the airwaves and the street corners, and the news media freely covers the events with an awkward blend of truth and "spin". Tonight, John and I will watch the election returns late into the evening to see who won. It's a popcorn-worthy event. And tomorrow, regardless of who wins, we'll get up and go about our daily business just like always. Our governnment will not be overthrown by armed rebels during the night and people who vote today will not be dragged from their beds and shot. Our Constitution works. I am amazed at the genius of our country's founders and thankful for Godly leaders today who still believe in their vision. I am thankful for our soldiers who give their lives to defend democracy in America and in lands far away. And even though patriotism has become unfashionable in some circles, I still believe in the dream of "liberty and justice for all". I am proud to vote for that dream.

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LauriLynn said...

This is so very beautifully said. It gave me chills! I truly enjoy reading your blog - I am always guaranteed a smile when I do.

(Lisa Lee's little sister)