Monday, November 20, 2006

Cleaning Day

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."
- A.A. Milne

Now that co-op is on break, we have been cleaning- really cleaning- for the first time since school began for us back in August. With our new 8th-6th-4th-2nd-K workload, I discovered that I could either get school done or the house clean. So in hopes that my children will one day be educated enough to get a job and leave home so that I can once again have only my own messes with which to contend, I chose school and let the papers, books, and several seasons worth of clothing pile up around us. But this cleaning has been exciting, actually. I've found my favorite brown clogs that have missing for some time, my yellow shirt that's been missing since mid-October, and my laundry room floor. Yes, I know that I should get my act together so this doesn't happen any more, but really, it's like going garage-saling in my own house; who knows what exciting things I may find hidden in the next corner? Cheap thrills... that's me.


Karen said...

I have the same struggle... unfortunately, I think I do a halfway job at both things; I can't let the house go or my husband would be extremely unhappy. So I do both, and probably not my best on either. It's kinda sad.

janjanmom said...

Hey, the back of my closet has been that way as well, adventure city. Mine tend to be more like, "Oh, here is the other piece to that game I threw away." "Look, a whole box of more toys-yippee!"

I want to find clothes I forgot and can wear!! I would probably need to buy some for that to happen! OR Iron.

Lisa said...

I recently found a matchbook that is 21 years old! Scotty wrote on the inside cover during a date and somehow managed to get it in my purse when I wasn't looking. I held on to that for years. After Chelsea was born and we started accumulating more stuff, I misplaced my matchbook. Well, I was "really cleaning" (as you called it) and I FOUND it! What's so special about a 21 year old matchbook? Well, you have inspired me to blog about it today. SO, I will be copying your quote and your idea because I loved it! Have a great Thanksgiving!