Wednesday, September 13, 2006

School Days, School Days...

Today was a perfect September day- the weather felt like fall, and we all had a good day at co-op. The little boys escaped outdoors into the cool weather as often as they could. I took some fast photos today of a few of our co-op classes, but unfortunately I missed Becca and Philip's classes. You would like to have seen the textured map of Africa, right? The Biology class also had some fascinating examples of fungus... oh well. I'll try again sometime.

Andrew, Ben and Sophie make books about Niagara Falls in US Geography

Miss Bethany, Garret, Joseph and Nathanael color a map of the Indian tribes of North America

Even Dad gets in on the fun! John comes in for an hour to teach Presenta-tion and PowerPoint skills
John Mark and Elliot work on their
PowerPoint presenta -tion

Miss Sheryl and Miss Priscilla help Ben's class test their senses in science

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