Friday, September 15, 2006

Kid Blog Friday

Here's Nathanael reciting his first verse for AWANA. I'm his mama and I think he's awfully cute!

In other weekly news, our CARE group began last Sunday afternoon. John is leading this time around, co-led by Danny (with Debbie & family); Ken and Ricky and family; Daren and Stacey, and Randy and Carla. I am always ambivalent about the beginning of new groups because we so much enjoy the break time with the stress-free Sundays, but I always have a wonderful time with our group. I know I'm not the only one who wishes that Sunday could actually be a "day of rest" instead of one commitment after another. But CARE group is a good one.
I was the unexpected beneficiary of a science experiment this week when the kids made me breakfast using the egg that they had to examine for Zoology. I didn't ask too many questions.
John and the two older kids are going to the 4-H State Shooting Competition in Lexington this weekend. Both John Mark and Becca will be competing, just to get their feet wet and see what a real competition is all about. I just hope they are able to have fun.

It will be just me and the three little guys at home... whatever will we do? I'm thinking Scrapbook and Chick Flicks. And when they beg, "Can I play computer?" I'll say, "Sure!!" It'll be a good weekend.


Ryan and Lesli said...

ADORABLE!! I obviously love the video!

Hope you and your boys have a great weekend!!

thruchildeyes said...

Oh that is cute! Thanks for sharing. Your older two are really growing up. I'm glad they came to youth care group last night. It was fun!