Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Don't Mess With Country Kids...

These are photos from the 4-H State Shooting Competition:

This is the big 'ole catfish John Mark caught when he and John went fishing after Boy Scout camp was over. They tell me it was delicious!

John had some wood left over from the campout, so last night we built a fire in the backyard and cooked hotdogs and s'mores and enjoyed the cool September night air. We love livin' in the country.


Anonymous said...

i love it!!! you probably won't see us doing all that here in the city!love you guys. will you be at zoe? i think i am coming after all.

Ryan and Lesli said...

How awesome! I love nights like that!! Glad you all appreciate where you live and make the most of it! We sure miss it!

janjanmom said...

I am scared.

They look really natural holding guns. Must be Jonh's side of the family...heehee. I am proud of them for learning a very valuable skill. Hope they are doing well and having fun.

Totally jealous of the fire thing. I love a good fire with a side of sugar.