Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Worn-Out Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, which means I am worn-out. We have co-op on Wednesdays, and even though things have been going quite smoothly at co-op this year, after school and supper, I am beat. My family has not quite adjusted to our school year yet, partly because we've had company in and out for the past 4 weeks and partly because I am organized enough that the kids are not allowed to be slackers this year. And eighth grade is killing me!

Tonight, however, we will have family time to celebrate knocking out another week. We've been watching "The Shaggy Dog" trailers for months, so tonight we will finally see the movie ( and it appears to be something that everyone can see).

In the meantime, as we wait for John to come home from a late night at work, John Mark is practicing piano and is driving me crazy with Bach's "Minuet in G". Now I know what my parents must have felt like, except they had it worse. They had to listen to all the easy-piano pop music of the day: "Ice Castles"; "Nadia's Theme" (otherwise known as "The Young and the Restless"); Commodores hits like "Still" and "Three Times a Lady"; "You Light Up My Life"; the theme from "Cheers" and probably the worst of the bunch "Tragedy". Yes, the Bee-Gees:

TRAGEDY! (duhn-Duhn!)
When the feelin's gone
and you can't go on,
it's TRAGEDY! (duh-DUHN)...

You can only imagine. So I am thankful that my 8th grade son either is completely not interested in or has not discovered easy piano pop music.

And other small blessings: our first 4-H meeting went very smoothly (mostly due to the fact that we did not have lots of new people like we did last year). If I can just get the current officers to stop trying to fix the new officer elections next month, things will be just fabulous. I have to admit, working with teenagers is keeping me on my toes! But they are a fun bunch of kids. I enjoy the friendships we have with the families of my kids' friends- another one of the blessings of homeschooling.


Karen said...

Oh the memories! I loved those same easy pop piano pieces. Now it's mostly some Jim Brickman stuff and some contemporary Christian melodies.

Dan said...

Sandy--I haven't laughed this much in quite a while! I had that BeeGees album (I think it was the first or second album I ever bought), and I listened to it over and over and over... I haven't thought about that in years. :)