Saturday, August 05, 2006

School, Friends & Fun

I am discovering one not-so-great thing about this schoolyear: we can either do housework or we can do schoolwork, but we cannot do both. My house is in chaos and this would be a challenge for even Flylady. We manage to do enough cleaning each morning to make life tolerable (i.e. we get the big chunks) but the grandparents are going to get a taste of "real life" at my house when they drop in later this week!

The kids have been frantically working the past two days, today (and tomorrow!) trying to get their schoolwork done so they can go with John's parents to Holiday World on Monday and Tuesday. This has been a huge challenge for all of us, but I have to admit, Holiday World is a pretty good carrot! They are beside themselves with anticipation. And normally I would eagerly anticipate the "alone time"... but it looks like I'm going to have a very messy house to clean. Sigh.

We had our Co-op Cookout this evening- lots of fun! The Baileys grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and the kids swam and ran around the yard (and the teenagers moved around in clumps) while the parents sat and chatted. We moms see each other all the time, but the dads don't get to be a part of our group very often so it was fun to get to know them a little better.

I have to brag about my friend Teddie. John and I went to church with Teddie and her husband Dan in Baton Rouge, and Dan and I were at LSU together. Teddie was (is?) a home economics teacher and sews beautifully. When I was in college, she taught a sewing class to the ladies at church which was my first introduction to sewing... wouldn't I love to take that class now! Anyway, her work was featured in a couple of Southern Living publications recently... how cool is that?!

In Girl Scouts we used to sing, "Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold." Friends old and new, near and far... what a blessing!


Karen said...

Sandy, I have known that sad fact for many years now. I think that's why my husband broke down and hired Merry Maids to come in every 2 weeks.

Of course, even when we aren't schooling, I can't seem to keep up.

Dan said...

Sandy, Thanks for bragging on Teddie! She's not teaching home economics anymore, but she is teaching sewing classes at Hancocks and doing private instruction here at the house, besides running a busy drapery business.--Dan

tlnagel said...

What a beautiful family