Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where There's Smoke, There's Dinner

Unfortunately, this is often true in my house. It's not really that I can't cook; it's that I get distracted while I'm cooking. It happened again tonight. One of our favorite meals is an Asian Stir-Fry and you're supposed to saute garlic and red pepper flakes for a couple of minutes before adding the meat. I put the garlic and lots of red pepper in the pan and went to find pasta. We didn't have the pasta I needed. I needed a Plan B. After staring into the pantry and finally deciding on a Plan B, I returned to the stove to find my garlic and red pepper flakes beginning to burn. Ugh!! That's potent stuff! The kitchen was full of kids doing their chores and we all began coughing and hacking. John yelled from the living room: "Get out of the kitchen- mom's trying to kill everyone!" He was kidding... I think. So we had to start over with new garlic and red pepper, but we rescued dinner.

We are enjoying the firstfruits from the garden. John has already picked a couple of tomatoes, which he immediately ate, much to the kids' dismay, but yesterday he found a nice cucumber which he did share, and today he brought in a zucchini and several tomatoes. We have beans ready to pick too. Unfortunately, we might not have too many more tomatoes because one of the kids (you can guess who) picked all the pretty yellow flowers off the tomato plants. Do tomato plants recover from that kind of vandalism? I have no idea.

Philip went to Mission Specialist Training at Space Camp today and John Mark and Becca worked at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. I stayed busy today running Mom's Taxi service.

I have been doing serious cleaning. I didn't start out to do it, but it happened, so I figure I'm on a roll now. I cleaned our bedroom... you know, really cleaned it- not just make-the-bed kind of clean. I moved all the piles out and cleaned our bathroom, the closet and my purse. You wouldn't think my purse should rank up there with the closet, but there you go. Tonight we cleaned the kitchen- even on top of the refrigerator- and the microwave too. It was really yucky. (Don't snicker at me... I know yours has been like that too!) I'm pretty sure John and the kids do not cover anything in the microwave unless I am there telling them to do it.

John says that it's a scientific fact that this cleaning is a lost cause because of entropy. The basic theory of entropy is simply that everything is always proceeding toward a state of greater disorder. Definitely sounds like our house! He also says that since I am cleaning our house, somewhere, someone else's house is getting messier (There you go, Janice. Now you know what to tell Erik!) I explained to him that you didn't have to look in someone else's house. For each room I clean, some other room in the house is getting proportionally messier, so it balances itself out. It's a never-ending cycle. At least I'm moving the messes to the less-visible areas of the house this week, and that's my definition of "clean". So there, Martha Stewart!

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