Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I have no profound thoughts tonight, just an update on our activities.

John took John Mark to his first Boy Scout meeting tonight. They have just enough boys (5) to start a homeschool troop and they're planning on doing lots of camping. John Mark looked pretty sharp in his uniform; I guess I'll have to start sewing patches now. They've chosen 271 as their troop number after Psalm 27:1:
The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is
the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be
John Mark is very excited about the troop and has been working on tying knots all afternoon. He is also excited about heading off to camp in South Carolina on Saturday. I'm excited about Saturday too- because there's an all-day scrapbook at church and I'm going this time!

Today I took both John Mark and Becca to the Jr. Ambassador orientation at the crisis pregnancy center. They will go every Tuesday for six weeks this summer to work at the center and attend classes taught by the counselors there. At the end of the summer, there is a Father-Daughter Purity Ball so dads can take their daughters on their first date and the girls can have a special time to pledge their purity until marriage. Pretty neat.

Tonight John is at Ken's house at the last men's bible study of the series the men have been doing and John Mark is at "Guys Night Out" playing Ulimate Frisbee. I've made "Real" dinner now every night (except Sunday... they had to resort to frozen pizza) and I've finished my first book of the summer, Jane Eyre. It was pretty good, in the 19th century Romantic sort of way. And I've even begun my lesson plans for next year. I have such high expectations for this month that I feel like I really need to stay on the ball!

And in all the hoopla over 06-06-06 and all the interviews of mothers who did not want their babies born on this date, our friends Rob and Reigh Anne had their 5th baby tonight. I don't buy into any of the superstition surrounding the date and I'm sure they don't either... but it's pretty funny! Babies are always a blessing, no matter what day they're born on.

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janjanmom said...

I snickered at the date as well!! I'm not buying all the hoopla either, but it will be an interesting birthdate to have all of his life.