Friday, June 30, 2006

June Joy Part II

I had very high hopes for June, and it came through for me! I read books, did crafts, cleaned house, completed several projects, went yardsaling, had fun. It was a very good month. We finished it in fine style last night by going to dinner with Ken and Debbie, who are about to leave on a Big Adventure. Their chicks have flown the coop and Debbie accepted a job in England! They are very excited, but we will miss them. We ate dinner at Logan's and then came back to our house and played dominoes. It's a good thing I cleaned this week.

Yesterday we spent much of the afternoon mulching (finally!). I love freshly mulched landscaping. We ran out of mulch before we finished, but it's enough to look good if you don't go around the corner.

Becca is at a Safe Sitter babysitting safety course at the hospital today and the boys are helping me clean and pack. Yes, we're going out of town again BUT- this time we're leaving the kids there!! John's brother and sister-in-law have offered to keep the kids for a whole week! Yes, they're crazy, but we love them for it. We're driving them up tonight. Then John and I are celebrating our Fifteenth wedding anniversary in fine child-free style.

July is looking like a really good month too!

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thruchildeyes said...

Oh wow! Have a wonderful week together!