Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crafts, Camps and Cars

Here it is: My first big craft project of the summer! I still have a few small things to do, but it's mostly done. I'm going to enter it into the Fair next week. It's a Mother's Memory Suitcase, to hold pictures, cards and other mementos. I bought an old brown suitcase in a yardsale across the street, painted it, decoupaged and added lace. Unfortunately, I had some issues with my pictures "bubbling" when I began sealing it, which is very frustrating! Seems like everything I do lately has some sort of issue. It still looks nice, but might make the judges unhappy. Oh well.

Becca missed her last day of Quilt Camp because the brakes went OUT on the red van. I mean OUT! Something broke on the way home from Walmart and we were lucky to get home. It's just one thing after another with these cars. John is scouring the newspaper for another junky vehicle to drive. As our friend Dave observed tonight, "When you buy old vehicles to drive, you have to keep a driveway full of 'em!" So we're down to one van for now. Hopefully my very handy husband will be able to fix this so we can both get around again... but what a way to spend Father's Day!

John Mark is back from camp; he had a great time and lost his voice from yelling. As he headed off to bed, I asked, "Are you taking a shower tomorrow morning?"
"I took one last night" he replied.
"So....?" I ask.
"So I don't need another shower."
I tell him, "You have been at camp. Trust me, you need a shower!" He wants every hair in place before he leaves the house, but it doesn't bother him a bit if he hasn't bathed in three days. I figured by the time he was 13, we'd be past arguing about taking a bath! When does the hour-long-shower-clean-thing kick in??

Tonight we went to a graduation reception for Edwin, one of the kids in our co-op. Graduation is always an accomplishment, but when you're homeschool parents, it's definitely an occasion to celebrate! We gave Edwin the gift, but really, it should have been for Steve and Priscilla! They tell me it will be here before I know it... surely he'll be taking a bath on his own by then!

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Karen said...

What a very cool craft idea! It would be a great way to use some of my Mary Engelbreit calendar pages. I can't bear to throw my calendars away, saying I could always make something with them (but I never do).