Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blue Ribbon Day

We finally made it to the fair last night- a family of our size has to wait for McDonald's discount armband night! It was hot and sweaty, but still lots of fun. The kids look forward to the fair for weeks and this year, they even made lists of all the rides they were going to ride. (But there was no Umbrella ride! What happened to the Umbrella ride??) We rode all night and ate junky fair food for supper. John never did get his funnel cakes, but the kids brought home a JUMBO bag of cotton candy to eat after lunch this afternoon.

Becca and I spent some time perusing all the Craft and Food exhibits (none of the guys are ever interested in this). We all won blue ribbons on the items we entered: My pink Mother's Suitcase and the red outfit I sewed earlier in the spring both won blue; Becca won blue and purple champion ribbons for her shirt, quilt block, and chocolate chip muffins, and John Mark won a blue and champion on his fabulous Colossal Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies (in fact, there were none of John Mark's cookies left... his ribbons were lying on an empty plate. Someone else must have thought they were pretty good too!). The kids also entered clippings from our Japanese Maple and Hosta plants in the Jr. Horticulture division... that was easy money!

So we all had lots of fun and we have a little fun money to look foward to when we pick up our items next week. Definitely a Blue Ribbon sort of day!


Dan Butcher said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbons! I'll be sure to pass on your sewing victory to Teddie!

janjanmom said...

I only knew about Becca's shirt and I was proud for you-now I am even prouder for you. Gotta love the fair!!

Also, we just looked at awards, no rides. We are soo mean!! Mostly it was because we just went to Hiliday World-so more money for rides was out of the question for us. MEAN MEAN!!