Friday, May 12, 2006

Almost Done!

The Children's Chorus concert last night was lots of fun. A third of the chorus members are homeschooled students. Below is the picture I took for our homeschool yearbook. Each child received a medal based on the number of years they've been in the chorus.

I only have *one more* school-related obligation for this school year, and that will be over on Monday, with the last meeting of our 4-H club until August. I haven't been this excited about the end of school since high school.
Becca and Philip were recently discussing Astronomy class with their dad:
Becca: I like Saturn best- it's covered with all kinds of gasses.
John: What gasses?
Philip: Like methane...
Becca: That's not Saturn- it's Uranus!

(At this point, John is doubled over with laughter, while the kids are standing around going "What... what?")
Blog Update: My mom reports that she sang "You Are My Sunshine" with the Sweet Adelines in competition in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. She says wonders will never cease. I'd have to agree.


I found the Civil War costume. We discovered it while we were desperately searching for John Mark's tuxedo pants, which he had wadded in the back of his closet. Lacking a clothes hanger and too lazy to go get another one out of the laundry room, one of the boys had hung a shirt over the costume on its hanger. Just a week too late (sigh).
Still folding laundry. The story of my life.

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