Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Dood Day

When I walked out of my room this morning, I almost tripped over Nathanael, who was curled up on the floor under his Mr. Incredible bath towel. He was already dressed for church. "How are you this morning?" I inquired as I sat down beside him. "Dood" he replied sleepily, and he laid his head on my lap for a good-morning back scratch. The older kids began trickling into the kitchen, for once fully dressed with no squabbles or wardrobe complaints. They were all excited about the church picnic at the park this afternoon and were restless with anticipation.

The Spring Picnic is one of the best activities our church does, in their opinion. Lots of food, a great park, and afterwards, family softball, where everyone can play no matter how young or how poorly you throw, catch or hit (they would even let me play, had I the inclination!) We picnicked until we were stuffed. The kids were undaunted by a light rainshower, and a few of them somehow ended up in the lake (including Rebecca). The sun finally came out, however, and the game was on. When our family finally left, the softball die-hards were still going strong.

The kids played out side the rest of the afternoon and tonight, they're all in the family room watching "Superman" (the Christopher Reeve one... John is on a Superman kick lately.) I might get a load of laundry done... and I might not.

But it was indeed a Very Dood Day.

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