Tuesday, March 21, 2006

About Blogging

My friend Janice recently blogged about blogging; you can read it here. I love blogging too...who woulda thunk? I never felt compelled to write before, and never particularly enjoyed it in school. Maybe because I always had to write about things I couldn't have cared less about, like Shakespearean sonnets, or a comparison of South American and North American Indians (oops... Native Americans. When I was in school, they were still Indians.).

Blogging is creative expression with no strings attached. So many of the other creative things I do in life have deadlines or rules- especially if it's a "church" thing. Too many people to please! But with blogging, if I feel like writing, I write; if I don't, so what? My blogger friends are still happy to see me when I return.

I've heard other people critique bloggers, commenting on how "vain" it is to assume that other people would want to read your thoughts. How is that any different than publishing a book, a newspaper commentary, or a magazine article? I don't care to read Ellen Goodman's views on life, but I certainly don't dispute her right to publish them. So, I write. I probably have a readership of about 5 people or so, but that's ok. I write because I like it. And if you like it too, so much the better!

Blogging is part of my "margin" time. Are there more important things I could be doing? Probably. But so much of my life is hectic, spent running around doing things other people want me to do. This is something I enjoy, and something I think will have some lasting value. I like having a "journal" for my kids and a way to keep my friends and family updated on our lives without writing a dozen emails a week (which definitely wasn't happening during my pre-blog days!) I also like reading the inner musings of my friends; things we don't always get around to sharing with each other. I've had people tell me the same thing. In this high-tech world where we are almost always accessible but rarely available, we need to find ways to connect with each other. Blogging brings people together. And that's a good thing.


janjanmom said...

I think blogging should be required. I wish my husband would, I would enjoy knowing what he thinks about anything.

I am glad you blog! Did you submit your spring entry? You should-I'm serious.

summer said...

sandy, i just got around to reading your spring post!!!!!!!! it is phenomenal!!!! please send it in to southern living or better homes and gardens or readers digest for that matter. it is wonderful. it made me feel good just reading it! i can't wait to see you in two weeks at church. hopefully it will be all spring like that sunday!! i understand about the blogging. that's how i feel too. it is a way i can take the time to write what i want to write and since its my blog, i don'thave to feel bad about not taking the time to properly capitalize or puntuate. i rarely even proof it. i feel like it is the only place i can just let it go and not worry what others are going to think! love you sandy!