Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ever Have A Day Like This?

Some days you wake up and it all goes down hill from there....


Ryan and Lesli said...

I have DEFINITELY had days like that!! I don't have as many as I did when I worked at the bank. Those days, I could just feel it in the air when I woke up! I think you should get a do-over button for days like that. Days that you can say, "Ok, I'm going back to bed & going to get up and start this day over!" Of course, the hope would be that the "cats" wouldn't be there when waking up the 2nd time! ;)

Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


summer said...

yes, i have. everyday was like that for me for quite a while. we started wednesday out like that and i told micah and anna to go back upstairs and i would come get thema nd we would start over. i guess that was l ike a do over button. it went much more smoothly then. love ya,