Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Book Affair

Today, our 4-H club did a "service project" for the Friends of the Library. Their semi-annual Book Fair begins tomorrow. Years ago, some clever homeschool mom made arrangements for our 4-H club to help them set up. Technically, it is a "service project", and we do work... we unpack all the boxes of books, get them arranged properly on the various tables by category, and organize the empty boxes for the next book sale. For this service project though, 4-H'ers (and their moms!) come out of the woodwork- because they let us shop afterward! It's a bibliophile's dream... stacks and stacks of books, most for .25 or .50! And not just junk either... new books, hard-to-find books, classics- and sometimes they're even library bound! It just doesn't get better than that! This time I came away with Disney sheet music volumes; children's historical picture books (including a beautiful library bound discard on Lewis & Clark); a World History Atlas (thank you, Rolph Nagel!); Dover coloring books; children's medieval history activity books; an Abeka homeschool geography set and more! All for $10.00. My kids love the sale too, but they don't quite have the knack of finding the diamonds in the rough. Rebecca found three books about horses and John Mark was thrilled with a Lateral- Thinking puzzle book (but, disappointingly, no Hardy Boys.) The Friends of the Library Book Sale... it's Book Heaven!

Afterward we had pizza and roller skated in the gym at First Baptist. It's been a fun, tiring day... but it's not over. Tonight, it's piano lessons at Harmony Road and Children's Chorus rehearsal. So onward we go...

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summer said...

sounds wonderful and well worth the work!